About us

Welcome to Nakedeye Digital Vision. We are a full-service video production and media technology company based in central Nelson at the top of New Zealand’s South Island.

We’ve built our business on a solid foundation of delivering what we promise. We work to establish long-term relationships with our clients by listening to them, understanding their needs and then meeting their requirements with a fast and efficient turnaround. This enables us to consistently deliver high-quality video projects on time and on budget.

About our name

Our company name encapsulates our process—we capture what’s seen with the naked eye and translate it into digital imagery or vision, which can then be shared.

Meet Dave, Oliver and Petra

Dave Evans

Dave founded Nakedeye Digital Vision while recovering from a 2001 airplane crash. The company initially provided IT services for the video production industry, which was in the early stages of transitioning from analogue to digital.

Combining his love of photography and adventure, Dave worked as a freefall camera operator shooting video and stills for clients, and creating promotional videos for skydiving companies and other New Zealand adventure tourism operators. It goes without saying that he got to film in some interesting, exciting and challenging situations!

Dave’s areas of expertise at Nakedeye include:

  • Digital video technology
  • Camera work
  • Corporate editorial
  • Live Stream production
  • Equipment purchasing and maintenance

When he’s not at work, you’ll find Dave tramping and keeping fit, travelling, and spending time with his family. He appreciates the fine qualities of cask-conditioned real ale.

Oliver Steding

Oliver’s background is in television production. He was an on-location production manager for Grundy UFA in Germany before embarking on the overseas adventure that would make New Zealand his new home.

Oliver joined Nakedeye Digital Vision in 2010 as a video producer. His brief was to develop that part of the business. He’s now head of production and has been partner in the company since 2016.

Oliver’s areas of expertise at Nakedeye include:

  • Video production
  • Camera work
  • Editorial
  • 3D animation
  • Project management and planning

Outside work, Oliver is learning classical piano and also studies Te Reo Māori at NMIT. He loves the outdoors and enjoys the occasional hike with friends.

Petra Roper

Studying Arts & Media at NMIT, Petra joined the team as part of an internship in 2016 to learn about video production. Previously self-taught, her experience comes from independent filmmaking and freelancing.

She enjoys the creative, storytelling aspect of videography and now works for Dave and Oliver as a video production assistant.

Petra's areas of expertise at Nakedeye include:

  • Camera work
  • Editorial
  • Graphic design
  • Brewing tea

At home, Petra invests her time into varied creative pursuits, Doctor Who, and adventures with her dog, Hudson. She loves 60s soft rock and can't understand the appeal of Dave's favourite bitter beers.

Technical expertise, full creative expression

We emphasise our technical expertise because it’s such a vital foundation for all projects, editorial and creative alike. With state-of-the-art equipment and a comprehensive understanding of its application, we have the versatility and freedom to give projects the full expression they require.

This also enables us to maximize efficiency and deliver work on time and on budget. Whether you need compelling television, video or multimedia products, we have the tools and experience to provide a high-quality product that meets your brief.

Carefully-crafted video production

Video production is not just a profession for us—it’s a calling. We enjoy every stage of the process from concept to delivery, whether it’s a freelance news story, a television series, a promotional film for business, a short film, or local event.

We set high standards for our work and we’re meticulous in its execution—exactly what you’d expect from people who truly love what they do.

Filming, Editing and Finishing

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