Documentary films

Documentary video is a very powerful medium

Documentaries reveal, educate and persuade by shining a light on real events and real people. Because of this, they carry considerable weight and ability to influence.

We believe in the importance of documentary storytelling and we’re convinced there are many important stories to be told from both a community and a business perspective. We’ll collaborate with you to produce video documentaries that are authentic to their subjects and authoritative in their message.

Telling your business story

Documentary-style video is a potent business marketing tool when used as part of a complete video marketing strategy. Connect with your audience by introducing your team, sharing your vision or showcasing user stories and experiences.

Telling our community’s stories

As Nelson-based filmmakers we believe we have a responsibility to tell both local and national stories through documentary filmmaking. New Zealand is rich in history and has a diverse and vibrant culture full of unsung heroes, adventurers and innovators.

The power of inspiration

Through the medium of documentary, we’ll help you share inspirational stories of ordinary and extraordinary New Zealand men and women. Whether historical stories  set in the earliest years of European settlement, or more contemporary stories of innovative businesses delivering quality products and services that really make a difference, we’ll bring the same degree of expertise and commitment to getting the right result.

Make an impact

Documentary-style videos have the potential to motivate, inspire and inform.

If you have an important story to tell,  please contact us. We’d love to hear about your project.

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