Video production for businesses

Nothing beats video for introducing your business to your market in a truly dynamic and vibrant way. Build brand awareness and authority, market your product or service, and show the human face behind the logo.

Film once, use everywhere

From a single or multi-day shoot, we’ll edit and package your video footage for multiple platforms—excellent for brand and messaging consistency, and a smart, economical way to market your business.

Promotional video for websites

We produce promotional videos for a wide variety of applications, including presentation on your website, at trade shows or other events, and inclusion in marketing materials.

Telling effective and engaging stories is what we do best but the process begins with you. Through careful consultation, listening to what you want to achieve and understanding your desired outcomes, we’ll gather the right image sequences and interviews in an efficient way to best tell your story and help you achieve a great result.

Our services range from concept to delivery—including consultation, scripting, filming and post production—all professionally finished and delivered in beautiful, high-definition digital vision.

Video for social media

Short, targeted clips for your social media platforms are a great way of generating engagement with your audience. They work equally well as on/off clips or as part of a targeted campaign.

Several of our clients have used this type of video marketing to great advantage—check out these examples from Pic’s Peanut Butter.

If we have already filmed your promotional video, generating these short social media clips from the existing captured material makes the most of your investment. Re-purposing your material in this way can make a big difference to your ROI (return on investment).

Digital Cinema Advertising


Here’s another effective way to promote your business—make a statement on the big screen!

Working closely with State Cinemas Nelson & Motueka, we create professional cinema advertising ranging from short, graphical animations to full adverts and trailers using digital film footage. We’ll produce, master and deliver your advertisement in DCP format for Digital Cinema Screens.

All our video work is cinema-ready

We film all our creative productions with high resolution Sony cinema-style cameras. By utilising cinematography skills and an array of state-of-the-art equipment, we capture truly beautiful images and cinematic motion.

Mobile devices to digital cinema screens

From this base we can master our final productions for display on any medium:

  • High resolution digital displays
  • Mobile devices, computers and websites
  • High-definition projectors and TV
  • 4K digital cinema displays

By preserving all the detail and definition of those beautiful images, we ensure they look good on any screen.

Raw footage gathering

Ideal for companies in industries like horticulture, aquaculture, viticulture and tourism, where key events take place at different times of the year. This is a great way to gather footage throughout a calendar year, capturing all the process cycles that take place over a long period of time. Filming days can be booked in advance as a block or a package.

Once captured, the footage is catalogued and made available online, complete with reference timecodes for review so your marketing team can create shot lists for future projects. The online review clips correspond directly to the RAW footage. They can then be used by us to produce your videos, or shared with other production companies around New Zealand or across the world.

The footage library is available 24/7, giving your team easy access wherever they are based.

This is an investment for the future. Think ahead about your long-term media promotions and projects, and then talk to us. We can help identify the media you need to capture to best tell the stories you want to tell.

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