Live streaming

Professional live streaming services

New Zealand based professional live streaming services by the experienced team at NakedEye Digital Vision Ltd. Our services range from full live event production through to dedicated live streaming platform services.

Live events

Single or multi camera live production and streaming of any event including:

  • Concerts
  • Trade shows
  • Product launches
  • Graduations
  • Public announcements
  • Church services
  • Seminars and more

Live sports

Sporting events and tournaments. Live streaming is a great cost effective way to broadcast your sports events to supporters, fans and the world. Your sport's very own live channel.

Corporate communications

Deliver your latest content as it happens:

  • Conferences
  • AGMs
  • Company-wide announcements
  • Health safety and training
  • Latest products and update announcements
  • Weekly or monthly live shows to engage your customer base
  • Live blogs and more

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Our live streaming platform

  • Instant live channel creation to get your live event up and streaming fast
  • No viewer limits
  • Control viewer access including geographical location
  • Global reach over our dedicated content delivery network
  • Custom branding for channels, video players and web page with no third party branding
  • Responsive design player for mobile
  • Multi bit-rate streaming to reach every device
  • Dedicated backup stream to ensure a reliable viewer experience
  • Password protection for private events
  • Event analytics: viewer activity, geographical location and more
  • Pay wall services for pay per view or subscriptions
  • Live chat allowing viewers to engage with your content in real time
  • Video on demand viewing after the event has ended

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