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More nimble and agile than planes or helicopters and certainly more affordable, drone technology has revolutionised every aspect of aerial videography. Dramatic images and fresh perspectives open up a whole new arena of possibility for events coverage, marketing and music videos, documentary and editorial capture—basically every aspect of visual storytelling.

Which is why we  are pleased and proud to offer a full aerial videography package to complement our other services.


In order to give you the best possible aerial imagery, we’ve joined forces with  Jonathan and the capable team at DroneMate, who will look after aerial services and logistics. When needed, DroneMate pilots will partner with our drone camera operator to form a highly-skilled, creative aerial team.

We set high standards here at NakedEye Digital Vision. We’re confident our partnership with the DroneMate team will enable us to deliver exciting aerial images of exceptional quality.

Useful information

All flight operations are conducted in accordance with CAA-approved Part 102 certification for UAV pilots and operators.

This is your guarantee that the images can be used without any concerns.

For additional drone services contact Jonathan directly at [email protected] or call 021 111 3339.

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Our drones and camera options offer the very best in photographic drone technology to these specifications:

  • 4k 50/60p
  • HD 50/60p video capture and photography with 16 megapixel still images

Cameras with interchangeable lens systems are also available for a wider range of creative options.

The separate camera control option allows the pilot to concentrate on the skill of flying while our camera operator directs and controls the camera ensuring the best and most stunning shots are captured. There‘s no hit-and-miss with this approach; we do it once and do it right.

The HD live image down link also gives you the opportunity to watch and direct. The live feed can also go directly into our mixer for broadcast at live shows, etc.

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