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music video

The music video crosses all sorts of genre boundaries when it comes to film and television. In fact the term music video is a little misleading because at its best this is true short form digital film making and not conventional video at all.


  creative collaboration

Creativity and imagination - the development of an idea into a concept and then a storyboard - telling the story through a mix of your musical talent, our cinematography and a technical understanding of just what is possible.


  serious - fun

Producing a music video should be fun - a wonderful collaboration of music and cinema - of art and technology resulting in something special - whilst at the same time remaining affordable.


  no to mediocre

Sadly the end result of a mediocre production can all to easily end up looking like well! Just another video at best. The shots might be clean - the set might look cool and the production  technically correct - but there is no magic - its just another video.


  something special

We are not interested in making just another video - so if you are a recording artist - a band - or manager and are looking for more then get in touch - lets talk - maybe we can collaborate and combine our skills to produce something worthwhile - something special.